About Motif's Art Studio

Owner of Motif's Art Studio in her art booth at a craft fair.

 Hello, I'm Monique Tiffer! (hence "Mo-Tif") I'm the creator of Motif's Art Studio. I decided to follow my passion for creating art, and started my own small business in 2019.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist growing up. As a teenager, I used to enjoy drawing portraits of my favorite musicians and actors. My passion for drawing gradually transformed into creating a shop on Etsy, starting a small business, and sharing my art at local craft shows around the Bay Area. (You can still find my portrait drawings on my Etsy shop here.)


Now my art is inspired by the nostalgic moments of each season. I imagine all the details which make up those simple, sweet moments and recreate it through paper and paint. I continue to share my illustrations at local craft fairs and also sell wholesale. 


When I'm not working at my home studio, you can find me hiking on a peaceful trail, reading a book, or having a good laugh with my family.